“Discover Casino Klessheim | Salzburg’s Premier Gaming Destination”

Casino Klessheim – A Comprehensive Overview

Located in the picturesque city of Salzburg, Austria, Casino Klessheim is a prominent landmark and a popular destination for gambling enthusiasts and tourists alike. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Casino Klessheim, covering its history, gaming options, amenities, user reviews, and comparisons of available bonuses.

History of Casino Klessheim

Casino Klessheim is housed in the Baroque Klessheim Palace, an architectural marvel that dates back to the 18th century. The casino itself was established in 1993 and has since undergone several renovations to offer a modern gambling experience while preserving its historical charm.

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Gaming Options at Casino Klessheim

Casino Klessheim offers a wide array of gaming options catering to all types of gamblers. Here are the main categories:

  • Table Games: Features classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat.
  • Slot Machines: Hundreds of state-of-the-art slot machines with varying themes and jackpots.
  • Poker: Regular poker tournaments and cash games are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the operational hours?
    Casino Klessheim operates daily from 12 PM till 3 AM, with exceptions on special holidays.
  • What is the dress code?
    The casino enforces a smart casual dress code, with jackets recommended but not mandatory.
  • Is there an entry fee?
    Yes, there is a nominal entry fee of 30 EUR, which includes a welcome drink and a surprise gift.

Casino Amenities

Apart from the gaming experience, Casino Klessheim offers various luxurious amenities to enhance your visit:

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  1. Dining: Enjoy fine dining at the casino’s in-house restaurant, which serves gourmet meals and snacks.
  2. Bar: The stylish bar offers a wide range of drinks from fine wines to exotic cocktails.
  3. Entertainment: Live performances and music shows are frequently hosted.

User Reviews

Customer feedback is vital for understanding the real experience at Casino Klessheim. Here are some user reviews:

“Amazing atmosphere and splendid architecture! The games were thrilling and the staff was very accommodating.” – Jessica L.

“A must-visit when in Salzburg. The poker tournaments were well-organized and the dining experience was top-notch.” – Mark T.

“The slot machines have a great variety, and the ambience is unbeatable. Highly recommended!” – Sophie H.

Bonus Comparisons

Comparison of bonuses offered at Casino Klessheim helps in identifying the best values:

Bonus Type Details
Welcome Bonus 50 EUR in free chips on the first visit
Loyalty Program Earn points on every game played, redeemable for prizes
Promotional Offers Seasonal bonuses and special themed nights

External Resources

For more information about Casino Klessheim, you can explore the following resources:

Findings and Recommendations

Casino Klessheim offers not just a gambling experience but a holistic entertainment package with its elegant setting, diverse gaming options, and excellent customer service. The bonuses are attractive and enhance the value for visitors. The historical ambience adds to the overall appeal, making it a unique destination for both casual visitors and serious gamblers.


  • Do not miss the fine dining experience at the in-house restaurant.
  • Participate in the loyalty program for added benefits and rewards.
  • Check the casino’s schedule for live performances and special events.