“Casino Courrendlin | Switzerland’s Premier Gaming Destination”


Located in the picturesque Jura mountains of Switzerland, Casino Courrendlin offers an enticing blend of entertainment, dining, and gaming opportunities. This review article delves into various aspects of this popular casino, comparing its features and services to aid in your decision-making process. Trust our detailed analysis to uncover the highlights and recommendations of the establishment.

Comparing Aspects of Casino Courrendlin

Gaming Experience

The heart of any casino is its gaming experience. Casino Courrendlin offers a wide array of options ranging from traditional table games to modern slot machines. Let’s explore the diversity and quality of these games:

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Table Games

  • Roulette: A classic with a local twist.
  • Blackjack: Available in multiple variants.
  • Poker: Popular among seasoned players.

Slot Machines


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  • Over 200 machines.
  • Wide range of themes and denominations.
  • Regular updates with new games.

Dining and Beverage Options

Beyond gaming, Casino Courrendlin boasts exceptional dining experiences. Here, we compare two of their top-rated eateries:

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La Table de Roy Le Bistro Gourmet
Fine dining with a curated menu. Casual setting with local delicacies.
Elegant atmosphere. Cozy and welcoming.
Special seasonal dishes. Quick bites and refreshments.

Customer Service and Amenities

Casino Courrendlin is known for its excellent customer service and numerous amenities aimed at enhancing visitor experiences:

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Luxury accommodations available nearby.
  • Multiple language assistance.

User Reviews

“The gaming experience at Casino Courrendlin is unparalleled. The variety of slot machines and table games kept us entertained throughout our visit!” – Alex R.

“Dining at La Table de Roy was an exquisite experience. Highly recommend the seasonal dishes!” – Maria S.


For Gamers:

  • Try the poker tables if you’re an experienced player.
  • Slot enthusiasts should explore the new arrivals.

For Foodies:

  • Don’t miss dining at La Table de Roy for a fine dining experience.
  • Enjoy casual bites at Le Bistro Gourmet.


In summary, Casino Courrendlin offers a comprehensive and enjoyable experience with its wide range of gaming options, exceptional dining, and friendly customer service. Whether you are a seasoned gamer, a foodie, or simply looking for a night of fun, this establishment has something to offer everyone.

For more information, visit the official website of Casino Courrendlin or check out reviews on TripAdvisor.